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This page has static content built in WIX along with Embedded element blocks to pull in the RTD Dynamic Content based off Cache data

Below you will see embedded element sections.

The script to call the API is placed in the header of the site and told what pages to run on. If something is in the footer, be sure to have the script run on all pages in the header. This is setup under Tracking & Analytics. Then add the content block id section provided in RPI to the body end in Tracking & Analytics. You can combine multiple blocks in the 1 script tag. You can create multiples for different rules for different pages, if needed. 

Then add a Custom Embed Element on the page, set the attribute with name of 'id' and then the value of that element id for that block as the value.

Then choose source of Corvid file and select the default. Add the same name as the tag name. This will create a js file that you can get to under Code Files in the left navigation, make sure you have developer mode on. Open that file and you can edit the look of the Custom Element by changing text/image or hiding the content. 

*There will always be a flash before the content loads since the API needs to consume the querystring id and then pull back to display the correct content. 


They are using the RPI Realtime Smart Asset script. Make sure the script is referencing all URLs as https. Update the div element id to be unique to what you are adding. After the scripts, a div needs to be added with the id of the element given above.

**Also note that the iframe needs to be sized correctly for the content. If the content is larger than the iframe box, it will require a scroll within that iframe box

Below are the Primary Text and Primary Image iframes

Below are the Secondary Text and Secondary Image iframes

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